13 Days of Flowering Yellow Seed Wavespell

Greetings of Universal Peace,

Today, this 25th day of Moon 3 (Electric Moon of Service) / Gregorian Date October 14th, 2017  Kin 144 yellow magnetic seed, we enter a new wavespell. This cycle of 13 days is known as the Yellow Seed Wavespell



Our Precept for the beginning of this wavespell: Kin 144 – Precept 40 – Spiritual self-sufficiency is a function of discipline which is a continuing spiritual sacrifice of the lower self for the sake of inner perfection, or the coming out and polishing of the divine incarnate self or form within.

Our Cosmic History Quote for Moon 3 Day 25 – We must master our inner demons and redirect their chaotic energy in order to build the inner temple of our evolving soul.


Some Important Dates/Points For This Wavespell

  • Kin 144 on July 26 1993 was when Brother Jose Arguelles began to receive the Prophecy of Pacal Votan Revelation.
  • Kin 145 (October 15th 2017) we celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Holy Day of Atonement (The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivering his address). Please reflect on the words of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad  11: 
    This frequency of the number 11 and its doubling of frequency to 22 is an integral part of our study in observing the pattern of prophetically occurring events in world history. It is not an accident that so many numbers are involved in the Divine Revelation of Truth. It is not an accident that the Final Book of the Bible or New Testament contains 22 Chapters, and that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us one of the most electrifying and powerful series of Lectures at our headquarters Mosque Maryam in 1972 within three years of his departure in 1975. Nor was it an accident that once again during the tragic events that destroyed The Twin Towers at The World Trade Center in New York City, that another group of video cameras recorded the sighting of two or more silvery metallic objects at the site of the horrific explosion occurring on the 11th of September.
  • Starting on Kin 146 we enter a string of 10 Galactic Activation Portal Days which ends on Kin 155 ( Gregorian Dates Monday October 16th- Wednesday October 25th)





Now for Our Reflections for YELLOW SEED WAVESPELL  Kin 144 ~ 156 (Gregorian Dates October 14th 2017- October 26th 2017)

The Yellow Seed Wavespell is thirteen days to plant the seeds of what we want to harvest in our lives…

The Yellow Seed tribe is called “Kan” in the Yucatec Mayan language. Traditional translations of Kan also include “corn”, “lizard”, and “iguana”.

As the 4th of the 20 tribes, KAN is described in The Mayan Factor as signifying: “Seed, Idea, Ordering Power of Growth, Generative Principle, Sex and Reproduction.” Additional qualities of Kan found in the Mayan Oracle are also known as “seeding manifestation, self-germination, creation, fertile ground, gestation, opening, and erupting possibility.”

The Yellow Seed says NOW is an auspicious time to plant the seeds of intentions, visions, desires, and dreams. We are invited to TARGET what we want to flourish and grow in our lives, that we may plant the specific seeds necessary to begin manifesting! This reminds us the importance of mindfully discerning what we wish to cultivate in our realities that we may act congruently with our inner vision.

Once we plant seeds with intention, while we must focus on assuring our seed the proper nurturing conditions to grow by, that done we are invited to actively surrender to the unfolding of the growth process, allowing the maturation of our seeds to develop naturally. Therefore, Kan reminds us that seeds grow in their own perfectly patterned time, as calculated by the Great Force of Nature – that which allows our very existence.

AWARENESS is the key to the power of Yellow Seed. Plant seeds of awareness, cultivate awareness, celebrate awareness, apply awareness so you have greater clarity in knowing what seeds to plant when, deepen and sensitise your awareness to feel within yourself the pulse of the Whole. May awareness seed a flowering garden of Universal Empathy!
Seeds are messengers of the living power of potential residing within all of us, waiting to be released into action, so as to emerge into forms of Life. Seeds are physically very tiny, proving how misleading size can be!
Every thought is a seed, pregnant with power to incarnate, as are our desires, our awarenesses, insights, revelations, perceptions, judgements, fears, words, songs… Both unconscious longings, and deliberate acts of will, serve to seed our psyche that it may direct the growth of our uniquely personal lives.
Seeds also invite us to reflect on the exquisite workings of the Flowering process. We are reminded that upon planting seeds, depending on their uniqueness, their development can require varying levels of maintenance so as to ensure their journey into ripening. In other words, we need to stay attuned to the seeds of our dreams and help nurture them by remaining aware of the conditions they thrive the best in, as well as remembering to weed our gardens!

FLOWERING implies beauteous unfolding of inherent magic! Let us each claim ourselves as Living Flowers! Let us be aware of our body’s ecology as an inner garden that invites our participation and conscious navigation. Let us be aware of our relationships as living gardens of colour, insight, truth, experience, learning and love. Let us tend our gardens so as to accommodate the Divine harvest!
May we honor ourselves as we are, acknowledging ALL the growth that has occurred thus far, while also receiving and allowing further transformations and development, ever-growing and ever-spiraling!
Flowering is what we are here to do, to restore the garden state of Mother Earth; to restore the garden state of humanity’s innocence and beauty; to restore conscious subtle balance with the living universe.
Flowering is ongoing, revealing a living process of unfolding,
shining, sharing, radiance, bold beauty, opening up, extending grace, allowing our Self to BLOOM!
To flower is to allow one’s supreme dharma, one’s essential function or nature. Let us celebrate this Seed Wavespell as it offers a prime time of vigor, freshness, beauty, and efflorescence!

Wisdom shared from the Mayan Oracle:

“Realise that you and your life are the fertile ground, that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety as you enter into the manifestation of emerging possibility… The energy of Kan asks you to look at the issue of receptivity, for seeds germinate best in a field of responsive surrender… Remember that all seeds are self-germinated and that the realisation of any dream starts with a simple thought. Don’t get lost in the entire process of manifestation; just begin by seeding your heart’s desire… Begin. The result will naturally blossom in the light of your willingness to start… All seeds hold the holographic power of their own completion. Kan represents the power that directs the vital processes of an organism toward wholeness… All your dreams and desires lie within you to be awakened. The answer is inside not outside. Remember that seeds contain the complete hologram of the whole and that within the process of growth, answers and insights are always offered. Plant your intentions; they will quicken, guide and manifest the mysteries in your depths.”

Due to its placement in the 260-day Tzolkin cycle, the Yellow Seed Wavespell always brings the 10 in-a-row galactic activation portals! Beginning on Monday 16th October with tone 3 of this wavespell, White Electric Worldbridger (Kin 146) they span through tone 12, Blue Crystal Eagle (Kin 155).

What is a galactic activation portal? Within the 260 energies of the Tzolkin, 52 of them are called portals for they form the “Loom” on which the entire Tzolkin matrix is woven upon. As far as “what this means,” what you can be sure of is heightened energies; access to amplified awareness and sensory experience; greater opportunity for information exchange and multi-dimensional insights.

The Seed contains all possibilities. All you desire and all you want to achieve is already present in Seed. At the same time, Seed is also the fertile earth which already contains everything to allow the seed to germinate. The only other necessities are water and sunlight. Seek the light in order to allow all your talents and potential to flourish. Use these 13 days and 10 GAPs to allow the light into your life. Be quiet and allow yourself to feel where and why you have difficulty allowing the light to penetrate. Leave the darkness behind you for what it is and allow yourself to be the gift that you are. Allow yourself to flourish and prosper. And don’t be too impatient, for that too is part of the Seed Wavespell. Seed knows when it is time to germinate and flourish


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