Month: July 2017

Time is Art- A Reflection

  Greetings of Universal Peace Some time ago in my studies I came across an artist by the name of Shernette Muhammad.   Sister Shernette Muhammad : The thirteen moon represents the natural cycle of the moon around the planet in a period of 364 days, making its revolution in 28 day cycles. The 13

Kin 64- Beautiful Synchronicities

  Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: The number of DNA condones or combinations manufactured in humans is equal to 64. This number 64 is built into the musical scale of a whole note of music (1; ; ; 1/8; 1/16; 1/32; 1/64). When these bottom numbers of the fraction are added together, the final result is 18

Welcome to the Yellow Crystal Seed Year

Today we start a new Galactic Year.  Kin 64. Yellow Crystal Seed Year. Every 13 Moon Calendar year name is the same as the galactic signature of its first day    ( Graphic is  designed by and property of lawoftime) Kin 64: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED I dedicate in order to target Universalizing awareness I seal

Flowing into the New Galactic Year

Yesterday  Gregorian Date 7-24-2017 we closed out the last moon (13th moon) of the year… today Gregorian date July 25th we enter “Day out of Time”, or what I like to call “Galactic New Year Eve”. It is a PEACE DAY. No Moon No Kin ….. The 0 Point. “Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: “Remembering The God

4th Dimensional Joy

The website and Al-‘Asr Newsletter is all about 4th dimensional living. Let us look at a brief quote from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad….. Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: 4th-Dimensional Time. It is the Happiness and Joy that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad described that we would experience in the New Life of the Hereafter. Living in the Fourth Dimension