Month: September 2017

Moon 3 Heptad (Week) 2 – Report

Greetings of Universal Peace Today (Gregorian Date September 27th, 2017), we start the second heptad (week) of the 3rd moon of the 13 moon calendar. The kin that starts this new heptad is kin 127 Blue Planetary Hand     Our precept for this kin: Kin 127 – Precept 23. From the point of view of

Moon 2 Heptad (Week) 4 Report

Greetings of Universal Peace Today is the 22nd day of Moon 2. Kin 113. Today we start a new heptad (week). You can see a marker of where we are in the image below The precept for this heptad (week) : Heptad 8 / Precept 8 – Cosmic History is a system of thought and

Reblog Pulse from Red Queen- Inner Climate Change and New Beam Plan

Inner Climate Change and New Beam Plan by Red Queen (Apprentice of Valum Votan (Jose Arguelles)) Posted on 10 September, 2017  Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon  When the pattern of human life becomes too stagnant and self-destructive, we return to Earth again. –Galactic Maya. Purificatory fires and emotional flooding are spilling over into the third dimension. Whirling and clashing belief