Month: October 2017

New Heptad Report for Moon 3 Heptad 4

Greetings of Universal Peace! Today Gregorian Date  October 11th 2017, we start a new heptad (week).  It is the 22nd day of Moon 3 This will be the start of the last heptad of moon 3 , electric moon of service. We just finished our 20 day journey down the central column of the tzolkin

Moon 3 Heptad (Week) 3 Report

Greetings of Universal Peace   Today is Moon 3 Day 15 Kin 134 White Self Existing Wizard (Gregorian Date October 4th 2017). This day we start the a new heptad (week). This is the third heptad (week) of Moon 3, The Electric Moon of Service.   During this heptad, we finish our journey down the