Month: September 2018

White Wind Wavespell

Greetings Of Universal Peace, Love and Joy On this 26th day of The Lunar Moon Of Challenge we enter a new wavespell. Moon 2, 26 – The human is meant to evolve into a holonomic energy capacitator and activator, working as a vital component in the whole system of the planet. Today is Kin 222

Red Moon Wavespell Report

Greetings of Universal Peace Love and Joy. Moon 2 Day 13 of Red Moon Year   Today this Kin 209 we begin a beautiful new wavespell of purification. 17th wavespell of this galactic spin Red Moon wavespell. The red moon wavespell lasts from kin 209 to kin 221 (Gregorian 9/4/2018 – 9/16/2018). Very synchronized as