4th Dimensional Time of 13 moons 28 days Puts Us on The Peace Frequency of the Hereafter




What is the expression of the meaning of the harmonics of 4th-Dimensional Time? It is the Happiness and Joy that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad described that we would experience in the New Life of the Hereafter. Living in the Fourth Dimension expresses time as an unending activity drawn from the Thought Worlds of the past, the present and the future combined in a perfect timing frequency of the Present Moment of consciousness.- Mother Tynetta Muhammad


With the 13 moon calendar and the Law of Time, the human mind has a new matrix by which it can be reformulated and brought back into synchronic order. In other words, the calendar itself is a pure reflection of the perfection of the synchronic order as the fourth dimensional level of the synchronic patterns of creation set forth by God’s decrees and commands with regard to the creation of the universe. By its nature,then, the synchronic order is cosmos-the very fabric that holds the universe together. -Cosmic History Chronicles Volume One


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