Daily Harmonics for Blue Resonant Hand – Crystal Moon 1


Today is Dali First Day of The Crystal Moon of Cooperation.



Our Galactic Signature for the day is Blue Resonant Hand. It is the 7th Day of The Red Dragon Wavespell


We affirm the following Kin 7 Blue Resonant Hand
I Channel in order to Know
Inspiring Healing
I seal the Store of Accomplishment
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Self-generation


Kin 7 – Precept 7 – Application of the Cosmic History Chronicles with the codes of time open you to multidimensional levels of consciousness; and once your mind is really operating on these codes, you will begin to experience increasing levels of sensory teleportation.




Heptad 45 / Precept 45 – Our task is to make the world-soul conscious by initiating it into the every day synchronic order of reality so the human beings become stabilized at a higher normative level of continuing consciousness.



Our Cosmic History Quote of the Day is As Follows:  A crystal requires no maintenance to sustain its perfect form—all of life requires maintenance, which at minimum includes water, light and air.



Our Key from 260 Keys to Synchronotron A Guide to the New Mind for People of The Future is

Key 0.7. Numbers are to mind what atoms are to matter. 441 is the table of elements of mind.

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