Day 19 of The Crystal Moon of Cooperation

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today is Alpha Day 19 of The Crystal Moon of Cooperation (Gregorian Date June 17th 2017)


Our fourth dimensional signature of the day is  Kin 25 Red Crystal Serpent

We affirm the following:

I Dedicate in order to Survive
Universalising Instinct
I seal the store of Life Force
with the crystal tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the power of Navigation



Kin 25 – Precept 25 – By becoming conscious of the three universes: phenomenal, imaginal and moral, that are always simultaneously in operation, you may begin to create an enlarged assessment of who you really are and what you are really doing here.


Cosmic History Quote of The Day: Prana is a function of a holonomic feedback system of the generation and recirculation of cosmic electricity.

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