From The Vaults : Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: Fourth Dimensional Time Reveals That Time Is Art

Greetings of Universal Peace and Paradise!,

A few weeks ago, after a prayer and subsequent vision I was able to find an old Final Call from October 16th, 1998. In this Final Call there happened to be an article by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad  in her Unveiling the Number 19 column entitled Fourth Dimensional Time Reveals That Time Is Art.

Last night on Kin 260 I had a subsequent experience which showed me that I should type this article for all to have acccess to. I now present the article

October 16th, 1998  The Final Call Page 27


Fourth Dimensional Time Reveals That Time Is Art 

by Tynnetta Muhammad


” And We revealed to Moses, saying: Travel by night with My servants- you will be pursued. And Pharaoh sent heralds into the cities (proclaiming): These are indeed a small band, And they have surely enraged us: And we are truly a vigilant multitude. So We turned them out of gardens and springs, And treasures and goodly dwellings- Even so, And We gave them as a heritage to the Children of Israel” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 26, verses 52-59

In the above verses, we have a perfect example of the measurement of Time in the Fourth Dimension. We are given an illustration of how the All-Knowing Presence of God Sees the Reality of our thoughts and actions prior to the manifestation of our actions. He also Magnifies Himself into the Plural Form of “We”, which indicates the Quality of His Unique Being can be increased into the Power of Many as He Produces and Reproduces, Creates and Recreates with the Word Be and it is!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked some of his Students on several occasions what we thought was the meaning behind the expression, “We” in the Holy Qur’an. The “We”, in the Holy Qur’an helps to explain and define the Nature and Work of the Divine Creator and His Act of Self Creation.  If God did not want to be known, He would have never come into existence. If He wanted to Remain a Mystery, He simply would have Remained Hidden and unaccessible. The Reality of “We” in its plural sense is the Reality of The Divine Creator Generated into the Expression of His Divine Unity.

The Opening Words of the Holy Qu’ran, Bismillah, Irahman, contains Four Words Repeated 114 Times in Qur’an which is the Essence of His Divine Being. Beginning with the generative creative word, Bismi, meaning “In or With the Name” (also meaning Be), followed by the Name Allah, which constitutes All of Life and All of Life Processes or Systems that He, the Divine Creator Willed into Existence, which are protected and nurtured by the Quality of His Unconditional Love, Beneficence and Mercy.

Think over this, Four Magical Words “Bismillah, Irahman,” gives us the Basis and Rudiments of Fourth Dimensional Time which defines God’s Control and Maintenance over all of Creation and All of His Creative Worlds. The word TIME reversed spells EMIT which is defined as to throw or give off or out (as light). It may also mean to send out or eject; to issue with authority, to publish and to give utterance or voice to. It is in the expression of these powerful words that contains the Mathematical Code or Formula of the Number 19 that has proven to be the basis of the Discovery of the Law of Time being introduced through the 13 Moon Calendar Change and research Team of Brother Jose Arguelles and his wife, Lloydine.

There is no discovery being made by the scholars or scientists in the world today that is not Rooted in the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This is because His Great Truth and Teachings spring directly from the Presence of His Master Teacher, Who is God, Himself. This Superior Knowledge of the Reality of God and constituent Body of Supreme Wisdom contained therein was not to be Revealed until the Time was given for its revelation at the end of Satan’s Rule. Allah has chosen man of His servants to be participants in the Revelation of this Great Truth. But, we must always keep in mind the Holy Qur’ans Words that Revelation may be given to many, but of exact Knowledge, very little.

The utmost Secret Knowledge of the Time of God’s being and Appearance was kept as a Secret by a Small Circle of 12 Scientists for 66 Trillion years until today. This took place in the Making and History of the Moon. The actual Law of the Discovery of Time in the Fourth Dimension encompasses the Art of the Divine Creation Itself which is a Spiritual and Mental Process Defined By God in the Manifestation of His Divine Will

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