Keys 11-13

Greetings of Universal Peace

As are sealing the 13th gate of this 1st wavespell, we pulse the last few keys of the first set of keys in 260 keys to synchronotron a guide to the new mind for people of the future. The Keys are as follows


0.11. Telepathic frequency = Index of vibrational frequency ratios of all elements of the natural order reconstituted as interlocking whole number frequency patterns including their squares and square interval differences. Any base telepathic frequency index code has a total of seven multiplications of itself.
0.12. In the Cube matrix, numbers 1-441 are each expressions of spiritual values and/or components of a supermental structure that can be organized as a template that overlays the brain, coordinating various levels of evolving mental functions of human consciousness.
0.13. The 441 cube matrix demonstrates how the underlying nature of phenomenal reality is number, and number is a function and manifestation of telepathic frequencies or thought constructs of a higher order or dimension of reality.

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