Kin 1 -Red Magnetic Dragon

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today we start a new galactic cycle of 260 days. 260 days are in one spin of the Tzolkin also known as the harmonic module.  We go through 260 pulsations of fourth dimensional time codes only to return and renew back to the 1

When a woman is pregnant there are 260 pulsations in the womb of the woman and then she gives birth to a baby.

See yourself as this baby now as we start this new galactic spin. See yourself newly formed in the womb of time.

See this is as day 1, the day of conception in that womb. You can ask yourself what do you want to be reborn into today. You can ask yourself what do I want to form or grow into.

Red Magnetic Dragon Power of : Birth
Kin 1 – Precept 1 – The sole purpose of life is to remember God and get back to the soul – that pure place where you can read the inscribed words that God has placed in your heart.



This is an interesting question and reflection to ask yourself as we affirm the following for Kin 1- Red Magnetic Dragon

Red Magnetic Dragon

I Unify in order to Nurture
Attracting Being
I seal the input of Birth
with the magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal Enter me


This is now also the  energy of a new wavespell the Red  Dragon Wavespell . Today is Day 1

Red Dragon Wavespell  Reflections from Space Station Plaza
Power of Birth

Entering into this first Wavespell is a practice of birth in reception and birth in action. It is a pure focus which is all about consciously responding to your ultimate calling. Starting with the power of Red Dragon it is a chance to explore primal receptivity and harmonization. Rather than a transformational focus, energize this Wavespell with intimate self discovery and self confirmation of your primary being.
Just as a physical birth is a precious and intimate time in life, so too the intention here should be to nourish and take great care of your precious being alongside this period of spontaneous revelation. The mystery of self is undergoing a core opening and it is good to take active part in investing in deep relaxation with all circumstances as the new information and vision comes to be a physical experience.

The complication and challenges during this time are to be acknowledged but not obsessively dealt with. Just like a newborn always releases its energy via natural self expression, remember, that you too are child of an awakening planet and that all of the powers and processes of birth take time to fully seal and manifest into an operational life form. Allow this Wavespell to serve you as a blessing for beginning a healthy new start in life.

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