Kin 64- Beautiful Synchronicities


Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: The number of DNA condones or combinations manufactured in humans is equal to 64. This number 64 is built into the musical scale of a whole note of music (1; ; ; 1/8; 1/16; 1/32; 1/64). When these bottom numbers of the fraction are added together, the final result is 18 added to the one note, the whole note equals 19. This number 19 is the last number in the vigesimal system of counting by 20s. Almighty God Allah is the Architect, Creator and Sustainer of all life in our earth and in our universe. Everything in creation evolves from Him as the number 1. Everything that emanates from Him is divisible in diverse quantities originating from Him. It is said by the scientists and ancient philosophers that God ever geometrizes bringing everything into existence. Thus, the revelation of the Holy Qur’an is revealed in a mathematical sequence which contains in its essence a scheme of musical notations that vibrates from thoughts in revealing the Mystery of God through number. 

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