Law of Time and Judgement Day

The Day of Judgement And The Discovery of The Law of Time – Mother Tynetta Muhammad June 10th, 1997
“This Discovery on the law of time currently being presented to the world by Jose and Llyodine Arguelles is also rooted and defined through the science of mathematics and even more profound, this Law of Time is based upon a 0-19 code in mathematics that was used by our ancient foreparents in deciphering measurements from above in our universe to our planet below. However, above and below is not a straight linear line, it is formulated by the curvature of space, which is radial or round in proportion to the measurement of time.
How does this relate to the divine teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? In ” The Theology of Time”, he states that the realm of our universe parallels a dark womb, and the woman, who represents the second self of God, mirrors in her biological and physical form, the womb of space in which life rotates through a system of mathematical coding to produce a live physical body or baby after nine months of gestation…
To understand the Discovery of the Law of Time, we must be able to maintain this cultural link to our foreparents and original tribes numbering 13 in the beginning and the descent from the sun which represents another genealogy of antiquity, which gives us the base for the mathematical counting system of 0-19 or 20 tribes of solar descent which is based on a vegesimal mathematical system.”

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