Moon 12 Day 15

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today is Dali Day 15 of the Crystal Moon of Cooperation (Moon 12)- (Gregorian Date June 13th 2017). Today we start the third heptad (week) of the Crystal Moon


Our fourth dimensional signature is Kin 21  Red Galactic Dragon, the 8th day of the White Wizard Wavespell


We affirm the following

Kin 21 Red Galactic Dragon

I harmonize in order to nurture

Modeling being

I seal the input of birth

With the galactic tone of integrity

I am guided  by the power of life force



Kin 21 – Precept 21 – All the work that you are doing is to return to this point of God at the center of the circle where the light is always pure.



Heptad 47 / Precept 47 – A magician is someone who is attuned to the knowledge of the processes of nature in such a way that s/he can mentally coordinate these processes with others to create certain effects, which, to most people, are seemingly impossible.


Cosmic History Quote of the Day : The law of karma-dharma can be altered allowing the human the opportunity to replace negative lines of forces with positive lines of force.


From 260 keys to synchronotron a guide to the new mind for people of the future: Key 1.8. As a window into future and parallel realities, the Synchronotron is the master code index of the Law of Time, the universal frequency of synchronization.

Postulate 1.8 from 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time : 1.8. Only in a condition of self reflective being can knowledge of the Law of Time be obtained. Discovery of the Law of Time defines the stage between mere consciousness, which is moment to moment, and continuing consciousness. Knowledge of the Law of Time distinguishes the peak mystical experience which is generally individualistic and continuing consciousness, which enters into the telepathically collective. Continuing conscious is dependent on the mental engagement of the intelligence structures by which fourth-dimensional time is known

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