Moon 12 Day 21

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today is Silio Day 21 of the Crystal Moon of Manifestation (Gregorian Date June 19th 2017)


Our fourth dimensional signature is Kin 27 Blue Magnetic Hand. It is the first day of the Blue Hand Wavespell




We affirm the following

Kin 27 Blue Magnetic Hand

I Unify in order to Know
Attracting Healing
I seal the Store of Accomplishment
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled



Kin 27 – Precept 27 – The simple, most elegant means will always be true; therefore, it will be aesthetic and moral. Truth is always harmonic



Kin 27 first day of the blue hand wavespell

The Mayan word for Blue Hand is ‘manik’, and we can note the easy connection between it and the Spanish that linguistically colonised their territories, in ‘mano’, for hand. This Latin cognate is used in many common English words – manage, manifest, maneuver and manipulate. All these actions will surface in this wavespell. While the word ‘man’ (man/woman) does not come from hand, there is a strong connection between mankind and its grip, and between the hand and the mind. The mind is the origin of the word ‘man’, as in mental, and mania.

So the Blue Hand wavespell is a time of mental clarity and accomplishment. With a honed mind, we can engage our hand-eye aptitude to materialise our ideas. We get hands-on, drawn to create tangible forms from the blue prints that have been idling in our thoughts. Our thinking moves more quickly now, but not in circles. We get the flare of insight and set out reflectively to build it or birth it into three-dimensionality. It’s a busy time, just as mankind is a busy species.

The mysticism of Blue Hand is the other function of the mind’s knowing, its sudden certainty. Where we may otherwise have doubt – not sure – there is an instant confidence we can access as we move through this wavespell, as if a god force is hovering just behind our two eyes, acting as the proverbial Third. We see, sense, are affirmed in our understanding of situations, solutions. We don’t have to stop and wonder what to do because the answers come on the heels of the questions, and our work is to take the action divine wisdom directs.

Even as we are dedicated to a mission of productivity, and moving forward, every evolution has its slate of challenge. The other side of accomplishment is the setback of injury and there is also healing to be done in this time, hurts and ailments that may have been previously out of sight. Only when pain surfaces can it be treated by the myriad medicines – organic, administered by clear-eyed healers – and diffused. Blue Hand can be a time when strong physical discomfort blinds us and we are forced to be held in another’s keen vision, skilled hands, open heart.

If you hurt, feel it as the natural progression towards wellness, not illness. Understand it as the means by which you will get the hands-on touch you didn’t have when this pain rooted into you much longer ago than its throb and ache. Now you are safe to feel uncomfortable and even anguish over it, because through paid professionals or available intimates you will be held, soothed, watched over until it crescendos like a fever pitch and finally falls away. Maybe, reflectively, like an opposable digit, you will be drawn to heal others the same way.

The shadow of this upsurgence of hands-on healing is holding on too hard, but try to be kind about even this impulse. When a baby locks her hand around an adult forefinger, testing her grip, comforted by the discovery of a new skill as well as the warmth, we don’t tend to shame her. We embrace the innocence and are grateful actually to be drawn back into such a simple fervor of connection.

The Power of Blue Hand is Accomplishment, and can be astonishing. You will have manual accomplishment – sewing the buttons back onto a broken shirt cuff at last – and you will have managerial accomplishment – finding ways to efficiently get a lot done. You will have the energy to complete something – a manuscript or manifesto – and it will be connected both to your open mind and open heart.

Blue Hand’s Action is to Know. Knowledge is certainly a correlation to the mind and what it can learn from the extended hand: we feel things, to tinker, to gain sensory input that courses to the brain and is processed into ideas. By investigating things with our hands, we come to understand deeply. Think of a child prodding a pill bug into a ball, or a sea anemone into contraction. If we see a pot on the stove, it is visually impossible to be certain whether it is hot or cold – we reach, we touch, we know. It’s nice in this time to apply this logic to touching each other. We may look at another human, make assessments – how they stand or smile or stay backed up against a wall – and get fixed ideas about them. But if we dare to extend our hands – and we have largely been conditioned not to in Western culture – we will learn much more. At the minimum, you will discover that even the person who seems distant and cold is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and be reminded that you are as well, so all superficial differences become inconsequential.

Blue Hand’s Essence is Healing. Hands-on healing modalities that work with muscle tension or energy held in the body are instrumental in this moment, but we don’t have to be trained or practicing bodyworkers to reach for, lean into, grab and hold each other. Right now it is even entirely appropriate to catch each other in a tight grip – a manacle. The lock-down panic that we feel in physical intimacy is not a spiritual truth but a mental construct, and even if it is warranted by a history that includes bodily harm, we have to persevere back towards touch. If someone defensively flails when you approach them, hold your ground – with a grounding cord – and keep reaching. If they call your matter over mind approach ‘manipulative’, take it as a compliment on your attunement to the wavespell.

Happy Blue Hand Wavespell Everyone!!


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