Moon 3 Heptad (Week) 2 – Report

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today (Gregorian Date September 27th, 2017), we start the second heptad (week) of the 3rd moon of the 13 moon calendar.

The kin that starts this new heptad is kin 127 Blue Planetary Hand



Our precept for this kin: Kin 127 – Precept 23. From the point of view of Cosmic Science, who you really are is the evolutionary component that maintains the intentional thinking element of the cosmos

Our Cosmic History Quote For  Moon 3, Day 8 : Our identity is a vehicle or – sign – that we use to transmit and receive collective superior energy communication

Our precept for this heptad: Heptad 10 – Precept 10.- All the perceptions that you have accumulated must be cleansed in the light of the truth that there is only one tradition, one religion, one Earth, and one being.


During this heptad (week), we still are in the midst of taking our sacred journey down the middle of the Tzolkin. You can find out more about this sacred journey here . This heptad however, we enter into a special time within this sacred journey down the mystic  central column, known as the mystic void.  This  “synchronic void” is a chance to deepen our own openness.

We enter and journey through the mystic void from Gregorian Calendar dates 9/29/2017  – 10/2/2017 ( Kin 129 Red Crystal Moon, Kin 130 White Cosmic Dog, Kin 131 Blue Magnetic Monkey, Kin 132 Yellow Lunar Human) . During this time we will be at the absolute center of the Tzolkin, which I like to call the heart of  hearts. It is known in the law of time science as the 33rd harmonic. 33 is known as the number of the initiate.  33 as defined in the telepathic number dictionary: 33 :  3 x 11, The Initiate, Initiatic, mystical attainment (highest order in freemasonry), all-seeing eye atop the pyramid, all numbers with 33 factor indicate initiatic power, vigesimal code 1.13

From Law of Time website : It is called the “Mystic Harmonic” because it is in the exact center of the 260-day Tzolkin! (A harmonic is a 4-day cycle that always begins on a Red seal; 65 x 4 = 260; 33 is in the center).

In fact, this harmonic is the ‘mystic of the mystic’!

You can see this highlighted center in the image below.

In 3 days we also start a new wavespell, the blue monkey wavespell on Gregorian Calendar date: October 1st. I will create a separate post about that energetics around that date.


I would like to leave you all with this quote from Red Queen from her book Accessing Your Multidimensional Self :  the mystic column as the “resonant channel or radial speaking tube.” It further states that “the present moment is where direct knowledge and resonant attunement reside: the … “speaking tube” of God.


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