Moon 3 Heptad (Week) 3 Report

Greetings of Universal Peace


Today is Moon 3 Day 15 Kin 134 White Self Existing Wizard (Gregorian Date October 4th 2017). This day we start the a new heptad (week). This is the third heptad (week) of Moon 3, The Electric Moon of Service.


During this heptad, we finish our journey down the mystic column.  From today and onward to kin 140 will be the last 6 days of this journey (Gregorian Dates October 4th 2017- October 10th 2017). As we exit this core, we should continue to focus on what is alignment? how do we align with our core essence? how can we stay centered and focalized?


Earlier today I came across some words from my studies on alignment and I thought I would share them

  1.  Love aligns All That Is with the Heart of God, with the purpose of Creator.
  2. Attunement is “radical realignment with Creator
  3.  Since the Law of Time is a fresh or new revelation, by aligning your energy system according to these codes, you can be assured of being off on a fresh footing—one that is inevitably an expression of Cosmic History.
  4. By aligning to natural time via the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar, the mind is vertically penetrated by time and opens to the higher dimensions


Now to our codes and affirmations for this week.

Kin 134 White Self Existing Wizard (4th day of the Blue Monkey Wavespell) is the galactic signature for the first day of this heptad (week).


Our Precept for this kin: Kin 134 – Precept 30.– The art of UR (universal memory) is art that is destined to invoke cosmic memory as a cosmic whole and to the memory of being as the entire cosmos and the entire history of the cosmos.

Our cosmic history quote for today  Moon 3 Day 15 : Once the physical body is sufficiently purified, then it can be opened to receive the cellular / molecular systems of the four- and five-dimensional bodies, this creates the glow: the cellular transformation or transmutation.

Our precept for this heptad (week) Heptad 11 Precept 11 : There can be no new advance within the matrix of an old structure without a sacrifice – you have to sacrifice something of yourself – if not all of yourself that is attached or involved in the old to get to the new.

Our Key from 260 Keys to Synchronotron A Guide to The New Mind for People of The Future: 10.4. Circuit 1 (of the 10 planetary circuits within the synchronotron/holomind perceiver matrix) has 80 units; it is the all-encompassing outer circuit of unity. Coordinates changes in outer form manifestation. Archetypes: Compassionate One and Healer. Enter the Mercurial Council of Purified Heart



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