New Heptad Energy Report/Welcome to Moon 3

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today we start the first heptad (week) of the third moon. This third moon (of 13) is known as the electric moon of service.

Our reflective question for these next 28 days is: How can I best serve?


Our precept for Moon 3 Day 1 is as follows:

When your mind is in the fourth dimension, the possibilities are endless.

We begin this moon with the galactic signature kin 120 Yellow Electric Sun

I activate in order to enlighten
Bonding life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of flowering
I am a polar kin I establish the yellow galactic spectrum

The precept for this galactic signature :

Kin 120 – Precept 16 – The totality of what needs to be known is contained within the human body – when this is understood, then the paranormal means of extending out the senses into orders of nature will also come to be known.

Our precept for this heptad (week) is :

Heptad 9 / Precept 9 – Cosmic History is the highest level of information and comprehension to which previous history becomes subordinate, transformed and remade.


Starting tomorrow on kin 121 we begin a special journey down the mystic column (central channel) of the tzolkin. This sacred journey  lasts for a beautiful 19 days (kin 121-140)

Notes on these core days

From : Intergalactic Research Institute

As from today we are in the middle column (Core days) of the Tzolkin, where future and past join and are reflected in the present. We are close to the source, Hunab K’u. It is an intensive period that will make your heart beat faster and your blood pressure increase. Take extra care of yourself during this period…

The Mystic Column or Core Days are the 20 middle days of the 260-day Mayan Calendar Round. Almost immediately, you will probably find that your attention will be pulled inward to your core. Your Soul Self is giving you the chance to dance with your core issues and come to a wonderful resolution with them. This opens the way to sink deep into the well of your being and pull up a big bucket of the sparkling waters of your inner Soul gifts and abilities and insights. The magic of the Mystic Column days lets you tap deeply into the well of your infinite Spirit Being Self and bring forth more energy, insights, gifts, courage, abilities and powers to use in your life and Soul Work.

When we come towards the end of the 20 Mystic Column Days, on the basis of your strong Soul renewal, you can then look at the direction your life has been taking, creatively vision forward, and chart your life path in a new, more soul-aligned and powerful direction. In this way, the Core Days give you the amazing opportunity to completely and consciously re-set your life direction if you choose to. So take this chance to follow the path that will cultivate and nurture the wonderful bag of dream-seeds that Spirit has been helping you identify and activate during your mystic dive into your depths.

The Core Days are especially intense and provide opportunities for deep cleansing, releasing and shifting. They call us to become centred by focusing on the NOW, letting go of all past and future attachments, expectations and fears. The more you focus on the present moment and allow things to happen as they need to the easier this period will flow. If you need to cry, cry. If you want to stay in bed and hide under the covers do so if possible. Have a bath. Go for a walk. Watch the sun rise or set. Connect with a form of nature that you feel drawn to. Spend time with babies or young children. They are vibrating with the new energy and can help to centre you just by you being in their presence. Have quiet time, be with yourself and follow your own inner compass, letting go of other people’s agendas for you. Trust that you know what is best for you at this time.


The twenty Core days are the umbilical cord to the energetic center of our Galaxy. Past, present and future are contained in the eternal now. The Core days are the Himalayas within the Tzolk’in. No wonder that during the last inducement of Core-energy in the Great Cycle, about 2500 years ago (747 B.C. – 353 B.C.), many enlightened masters have walked the Earth (Gautama Buddha, Mahavir, Zarathustra, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and many more).

From the rooftop we are overlooking the huge pattern of ongoing creation. Life is intense and at times overwhelming. The Now becomes important and pregnant with meaning. In perfect balance we have the power to dismiss the past and redirect the future. These 20 days illustrate a gap between the worlds. New visions are descending and fragrant flowers are blooming. Get out of your own way and allow existence to flow through you. We can achieve a genuine inner balance. Meditation and centering are easily coming to us ~ just make yourself available. Trust and courage are the qualities to grow. Allow to get tuned by existence itself.


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