New Heptad Report for Moon 3 Heptad 4

Greetings of Universal Peace!

Today Gregorian Date  October 11th 2017, we start a new heptad (week).  It is the 22nd day of Moon 3 This will be the start of the last heptad of moon 3 , electric moon of service.

We just finished our 20 day journey down the central column of the tzolkin yesterday on kin 140. It was a potent time for reflection and re-alignment. This 20 day journey was a time that we went through an energetic birth canal as well 🙂 . It reminded me of being a caterpillar going into a chrysalis, and now we have exited as butterflies ..reborn into something new.

So now we start a fresh journey into the fourth and final heptad (week) of moon 3. We begin this heptad with the galactic signature kin 141  Red Spectral Dragon. This is very interesting to note since the keywords for red dragon are : liberation and birth




A reflection from Mayan Keepers of Time for  Kin 141:

Today’s Galactic Signature is Red Spectral Dragon – HUNLAHUN IMIX.

After perfecting the Planetary Tone of Manifestation comes the Spectral Tone of Liberation.

Red Spectral Dragon – HUNLAHUN IMIX guides and teaches us to rest in our Primal Being and focus on Self-nurturance through accepting the limitless nurturance of the Galactic Universe in order to break free from illusion of confinement and bondage so as to achieve complete liberation. Liberation means to set free from bondage so as to achieve complete liberation. Liberation means to set free from bondage and/or confinement As the positive energy of destruction which guides us to necessary renewal, Red Spectral Dragon – HUNLAHUN IMIX reminds us to release everything that is detrimentally affecting the dream of our existence. Red Spectral Dragon – HUNLAHUN IMIX also encourages us to take awe in the birth of each moment and to receive and transmit energetic powers of energies and break down every structure that uphold limited thought, beliefs, and actions. Through the energies of Red Spectral Dragon – HUNLAHUN IMIX, the Cauldron of Creation is summoning us to initiate trust and to allow seeming chaos to be a divine revitalizing release into the full spectrum of wondrous undreamed of possibilities. The Cauldron of Creation is ever reminding us that there is no ending or beginning to the limitless complexities of the simplicities of the dream of this existence. There is only the dream experience of the Whole, which is always offering Itself like a mystical joy-ride of interconnected parts cosmically arranged in a splendidly cryptic, yet highly functional divine order.

Our precept for this kin :  Kin 141 – Precept 37. The degree to which we are immersed in our ego is the degree to which we are creating and repeating no-spherical cliches. The degree to which we are open to the spirit and non-egoic forms of life and communication, to that degree we are potentializing ourselves as noospheric means

Our Cosmic History Quote for the day: In the new cosmo-perceptual norm, our daily experiences will provide the basis for the total holographic understanding of each moment of each day.

Our precept for this heptad : Heptad 12 – Precept 12. The dissolution of the old structures, as well as the cultivation of universal compassion towards all beings, is the goal of the evolution of the planetary human


In 3 more kin on kin 144 we will start a new wavespell. The yellow seed wavespell.


On Kin 144  of  (July 26th 1993) is a very energetic kin code as it was the kin code that dear brother Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) received the revelation of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan

Telektonon is no word at all, but number multiplying itself from within God’s unending meditation which we choose to call creation.Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan



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