13 Days of Purification

Greetings of Universal Peace. Today we start a new journey through a CYCLE of 13 days. Today Kin 79 (Blue Magnetic Storm) is the first day of the Blue Storm Wavespell.   Key phrases for this CYCLE of 13 days : External purification, catalyze, self-generation, energy   The Blue Storm Wavespell is a gift of fierce

Disconnect To Go Within

Greetings of Universal Peace Experiencing fourth dimensional peace and time goes beyond just  the 13 moon system and its vast layers. It is also about being in touch with God and His many creations. It is even more so about rediscovering and reconnecting with the God within and perfecting self. Harmonizing self. How many of

Time is Art- A Reflection

  Greetings of Universal Peace Some time ago in my studies I came across an artist by the name of Shernette Muhammad.   Sister Shernette Muhammad : The thirteen moon represents the natural cycle of the moon around the planet in a period of 364 days, making its revolution in 28 day cycles. The 13

Kin 64- Beautiful Synchronicities

  Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: The number of DNA condones or combinations manufactured in humans is equal to 64. This number 64 is built into the musical scale of a whole note of music (1; ; ; 1/8; 1/16; 1/32; 1/64). When these bottom numbers of the fraction are added together, the final result is 18

Welcome to the Yellow Crystal Seed Year

Today we start a new Galactic Year.  Kin 64. Yellow Crystal Seed Year. Every 13 Moon Calendar year name is the same as the galactic signature of its first day    ( Graphic is  designed by and property of lawoftime) Kin 64: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED I dedicate in order to target Universalizing awareness I seal

Flowing into the New Galactic Year

Yesterday  Gregorian Date 7-24-2017 we closed out the last moon (13th moon) of the year… today Gregorian date July 25th we enter “Day out of Time”, or what I like to call “Galactic New Year Eve”. It is a PEACE DAY. No Moon No Kin ….. The 0 Point. “Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: “Remembering The God

4th Dimensional Joy

The 13moonpeacetime.com website and Al-‘Asr Newsletter is all about 4th dimensional living. Let us look at a brief quote from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad….. Mother Tynnetta Muhammad: 4th-Dimensional Time. It is the Happiness and Joy that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad described that we would experience in the New Life of the Hereafter. Living in the Fourth Dimension

Moon 12 Day 28

Greetings of Universal Peace Today is Silio Day 28 of the Crystal Moon of Cooperation (Gregorian Date June 26th 2017). Today is the last day of Moon 12, tomorrow we start the last moon (moon 13) of the Spectral Storm Year.   Our fourth dimensional signature for the day is Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard.