Red Moon Wavespell Report

Greetings of Universal Peace Love and Joy. Moon 2 Day 13 of Red Moon Year


Today this Kin 209 we begin a beautiful new wavespell of purification. 17th wavespell of this galactic spin Red Moon wavespell.

The red moon wavespell lasts from kin 209 to kin 221 (Gregorian 9/4/2018 – 9/16/2018). Very synchronized as we started the Red Moon Planetary Wavespell this world year 7-26-2018

Key phrases: purification, purify, universal water, flow

Seal Moon: Moon is the power of purifying water. Emotions are like water. Stagnant water gets polluted, just like the emotions that you suppress will pollute your body and soul. Let everything be and observe your emotions without judgment.

Moon Wavespell: Moon deals with feelings and emotions. Moon is universal water: the seas, rivers, water in your body, the water of the womb, your tears and your sweat. All life needs water. During the Moon Wavespell you may lose it emotionally, with many tears, rage and melodramatic behavior. And not just you – so beware! It is wise to purify your body with water. Visit a sauna to sweat, drink a lot of water. Make sure all processes can flow freely through your body; only then will you be purified. With a well flowing Moon body, you will be able to easily feel your way through people and situations. You know what is true and what is false. You are like an antenna that receives the unspoken words.

Our affirmation for day one of this purifying wavespell Kin 209



AFFIRMATION for Moon Solar Seal: I am Muluk, Moon; I am your feeling and your consciousness. I help you remember God.

POWER: The power of Moon is our feeling. It is the world of emotions lying at our feet and waiting to be entered. Moon teaches us that emotions can change like the tides. Emotions are like water. Stagnant water gets polluted, just as suppressed emotions will pollute your body and soul. Let it flow. Feelings need to flow in order to remain healthy. Moon is all the water: the seas, the rivers, the water in your body, the water of the womb, your tears and your sweat. Find it to purify yourself.

DAY: Red Moon days are all about surrender to the will of the universe. If you’ve been hitting a brick wall perhaps you have been trying to force events in the wrong direction. If you go with the flow, you are more likely to go in the right direction. Let go of any control issues you may be harbouring and trust the Universe.

PERSONALITY: Moon people are very emotional, romantic, variable, imaginative and they can even be paranormally gifted. Red Moon are people of extremes. They are both practical and emotional. They need limits and self-imposed control. But even then they can be limitless. A safe haven is a necessity. They are always prepared for the unexpected. This causes others to be suspicious of them from time to time. It makes them look like someone with a hidden agenda. However, Moons are totally sincere. Transforming their hypersensitivity into sensitivity is their great challenge. That is Moon’s power.

GUIDANCE: Focus on purifying your instrument of perception, your mind and body, by intimately connecting with your multi-dimensional self. Nurture your body-world by anchoring the vibration of your wholeness. Energy flows where attention is focused, reunite with yourself by being awake in the present moment.

Our precept for  Kin 209 is as follows : Kin 209 – Precept 1 – The sole purpose of life is to remember God and get back to the soul – that pure place where you can read the inscribed words that God has placed in your heart.



We also begin the green castle of enchantment this wavespell.   Court of the Matrix: Synchronize Human


The green castle of enchantment will take us through the rest of this tzolkin spin. Here are the wavespells we will pulse through this castle

RED MOON WAVESPELL 17: Power of Universal Water
Kin 209 – Kin 221
WHITE WIND WAVESPELL 18: Power of Spirit
Kin 222 – Kin 234
BLUE EAGLE WAVESPELL 19: Power of Vision
Kin 235 – Kin 247
YELLOW STAR WAVESPELL 20: Power of Elegance
Kin 248 – Kin 260
The Green Central Castle of Enchantment hallmarks the apex of what Mayan Cosmology really confers to the individual who exercises its practice and enacts its lifestyle. Here in the Court of the Matrix there will be an opportunity for a true fundamental shift into the greater mode of synchronization and harmony with natural time.
This Castle is the embodiment of the core purpose of Mayan Cosmology: To shift into and realize time as natural synchronistic perfection. This transition involves a departure from the old systems of time and commerce that humanity has practiced in the times of recent past. This shift is an inner departure. Due to the chaos of modern society it is not necessary to renounce money and standard time measuring as a skillful means of communication and relation to others, however, with these cosmological keys it becomes clear that these methods of exchange are inferior to the reality of natural synchronous flow.
Everything comes to speak together and merge into one bright voice shining with the message of universal love and transcendental presence. Here at the gate of becoming a synchronized human agent of the noosphere we step into a future of unknown potential together.
Our astronomical sky watch for the first 4 days of this wavespell

Tuesday, September 4

• As dawn brightens tomorrow morning, use binoculars or a wide-field telescope to spot Regulus twinkling about 1.6° below brighter Mercury. Look very low above the east-northeast horizon, as shown here.

Then on Thursday morning the 6th they’ll appear even closer, with Regulus 1.2° to Mercury’s right.

Wednesday, September 5

• As dusk turns to night, Arcturus twinkles due west. It’s getting lower every week. Off to its right in the northwest, the Big Dipper is scooping to the right.

Thursday, September 6

• With the evening sky moonless, this is a great week for observing the Milky Way under a dark sky. When Deneb crosses your zenith (around 10 or 11 p.m. now), the Milky Way does too — running straight up from the southwest horizon and straight down to the northeast horizon.

Friday, September 7

• With summer waning away, Scorpius lies down in the south-southwest as soon as night arrives. Its brightest star, orange Antares, appears about midway between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter shines well off to Antares’s right, in Libra, and Saturn is well off to Antares’s upper left, in Sagittarius.

Saturday, September 8

• The wide W pattern of Cassiopeia is tilting up in the northeast after dark. Look below the W’s bottom segment, by a little farther than the segment’s length, for an enhanced spot of the Milky Way’s glow if you have a dark enough sky. Binoculars will show this to be the Perseus Double Cluster — even through a fair amount of light pollution.

May You Have A Blessed Red Moon Wavespell

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