Red Overtone Serpent

Greetings of Universal Peace .

Today is Limi, Day 27 of The Spectral Moon of Liberation (Gregorian Date : May 28th, 2017)



Our Galactic Signature for the Day is  Kin 5 Red Overtone Serpent . It is the fifth day of the Red Dragon Wavespell.

We affirm the following :

Kin 5 Red Overtone Serpent

I empower in order to survive
Commanding instinct
I seal the store of life force
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of space



Kin 5 – Precept 5 – The program of the 13 Moon calendar is a radical step, which is the whole purpose of Cosmic History – to lead the soul back to the divine perfection of the order of the universe as it actually is.


Our Key from 260 Keys to Synchronotron a Guide To The New Mind for People of The Future


0.5. The 441 book of numbers is the supreme universal organizing matrix; a self-consistent instrument of the all-unifying cosmic meditation of the One




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