Thirteen Moon Calendar And World Peace Movement

Greetings of Universal Peace

This article is a retype from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s Unveiling the Number 19 December 20, 2005 edition of The Final Call Newspaper




In 1991, Jose and Llyodine Arguelles wrote the following dissertation on the Thirteen Moon Calendar and its relevance to the history of the Mongolian Empired headed by Genghis Khan. The photographs displayed were taken on the site of Palenque Archeological Zone in the State of Chiapas, Mexico at the site of the tomb of Pacal Votan. In 2004, Jose Arguelles and a small body of students following the Thirteen Moon Calendar, celebrated the 52nd Anniversary of its discovery in 1952 by the famous Mexican Archealogist Alberto Ruiz Lhullier


(Compiled by Blue Spectral Monkey and White Solar Wind)

“In the first phase of our advenutre when…our powers of telepathic exploration were incomplete, every world that we entered turned out to be in the throes of the same spiritual crisis…This crisis I came to regard as having two aspects. It was at once a moment in the spirit’s struggle to become capable of true community on a worldwide scale; and it was a stage in the age-long task of achieving the right, the finally appropriate, the spiritual attitude towards the universe.”. Olaf Stapledon, Starmaker 1937

Genghis Khan, emissary of the cosmic sky religion, sought to wipe Earth clean of the scourge of civilization. Failing that, Kublai Khan, his successor sought to remake civilization on principles of higher logic and religious tolerance. Their bones buried in the sands of time, memory of these Mongolians is hardly diminished. More than ever, Earth needs to be cleansed of the scourge of civilization. Nuclear radiation, petro- chemical poisoning of the atmosphere and the oceans alike, deforestation and ozone depletion, are but a few of the planetary scourges wrought by human civilization. Who can put an end to the terrestrial rampage of modern humanity in its quest for material dominion, security and control? New emissaries of the cosmic sky religion, cosmic Mongolians, are now awakening on this planet. A new cosmic Mongolian invasion plan is in the making and it is called Dreamspell.

Infinitely more benign than Ghengis Khan and possessed of design of higher knowledge that would have caused Kublai Khan himself to marvel, the Dreamspell is the greatest blessing humanity could experience at this time.

Dreamspell is “cosmic” because it is the complete expression of the radial matrix of galactic culture. It is “Mongolian” because its intent is to assist the earth  in ridding itself of the scourge of materialist civilization. It is an “invasion” because, at the behest of the Galactic Federation, the Dreamspell is sent as higher dimensional force directly into the third dimensional mentality and civilization of the present.

[This article is reprinted from the Spring/Fall 2005 edition of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s News Journal Cultural Links, “The Descent of the Mongolian Kings.”]


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