White Wind Wavespell Report

Greetings of Universal Peace!

Today is Moon 6 Day 19 Kin 222 (White Magnetic Wind) Yellow Crystal Seed Year/ December 31st 2017


Kin 222, the first day of the new wavespell …White Wind Wavespell.  Today is a galactic activation portal day ( meaning this is a high energy day, and the veils between realms are thinner)

Our precept for the first day of this wavespell

Yoga is the basic tool to build the base of the inner temple, which penetrates through the profane so that you can realize your innate cosmic identity


Our cosmic history quote for today: As a force of evolution, Cosmic History provides everything you did not look at in the rear-view mirror because you were going too fast.


The white wind wavespell is from today Kin 222 through Kin 234 ( Moon 7 Day 1/ January 12th 2018) This wavespell is the 18th wavespell of this journey through the sacred Tzolkin (There are 20 wavespells in one Tzolkin).


Key reflections: Communication of community interests, communicate, spirit, breath

Seal Wind: Wind is the Great Spirit whose breath fills you with life. It is Wind that nourishes your soul and who gives inspiration to speak your own truth. Wind teaches you about communication, inspiration, flexibility and changes.

Wind Wavespell: During these 13 days, misunderstandings are just around the corner. You will need to pay extra attention to communication. Your breath becomes a word, your word a sentence, the sentence a fact and the fact a reality. Be careful what you say because words have a reach beyond your sight and spread as concentric ripples through water. Try to speak clearly and honestly. Try to be fully aware of your breathing. What is it you breathe in? What is the rhythm of your breathing? Sacrifice your breath as a gift to the Creator all your words will then flow in this stream. When God created man, He blew life into him with His own breath. Breathe in this Spirit and Inspiration awaits you.



For the first day of the wavespell , we are on tone one and go inward and

Key Word: The Purpose
Creative Power: Unification
Tonal Action: Attracting

  Our harmonic and codon reflection ( more on this later, I am just introducing the science into your mind) for today is as follows : Illuminate your clear virtue; The goal is to follow the path. The growth will be rapid and vertiginous. But the inner strength will be indispensable to not lean on the victory and draw new and daring objectives. The balance between passion and reason will come to fruition. The roads will open, as if by magic. 

Over the next 12 kin we will pulse the other 12 reflections via this medium, as to not overload this entry.


Astronomical Events

On Kin 223 Blue Lunar Night  (Gregorian January 1st 2018) , at approximately 9:41 pm EST we will experience the first full moon of the new Gregorian Year.

This full moon comes only 4.5 hours after the moon reaches lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. Thus this full moon presents the closest – and thereby the largest and brightest – supermoon of 2018.

For more information on this astronomical event please visit: Earth Sky Astronomical Happenings

This is quite interesting  that this happens on the LUNAR tone ( 2nd tone of the 13 tone wavespell).

Just for synchronization I would like to give you the affirmation and energy pulses for Kin 223 so that you will have it on hand for mental synchronizing

Tone 2 – Lunar
Stabilize * Challenge * Polarize

The second tone is Lunar, this is the space of duality and separation. For the unified perfection of our lives to play, naturally, there is the energy of duality and separation which gives us a playground to realize the unity within. This is the point of creation where stabilization and discernment are essential. After an initial boon to receptivity and an inception this second tone arises to distinguish and give challenges in which the original purpose can be explored and become usable. Here friction and harmony dance and swarm around to yield us into a sense of stability and understanding of how the creation forms throughout all of life.

Blue Night’s are the entrance into divine darkness and shadow work awareness. Using the Blue Nights energy one can find the harmonic integration of the whole dark/light duality. Also just as a primordial darkness acts as a portal to attract matter in the instance of a black holes, so to do Blue Nights find abundant manifestation’s pouring forward to them with little effort. This seal is an energy of transformation and one that can help bring great relief to fear and anxiety.


Thank you for reading, and stay in tune for more time pulses throughout the rest of this wavespell via this blog and our facebook page.


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