13 Red Cosmic Skywalker

Greetings of Universal Peace

Today we closed out the Red Dragon Wavesepell. Kin 13 Red Cosmic Skywalker , 13th tone of Creation, 13th Day of the First Wavespell of this Tzolkin



We Affirm The Following On This Day

I Endure in order to Explore
Transcending Wakefulness
I seal the output of Space
with the cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Navigation


Tone 13 – Cosmic
The thirteenth and final tone is Cosmic. This is place of re-entry into the infinite. Here a cycle of life has been made and lived through. The cosmic tone is all about transcendence and endurance. The presence of life and light bestows itself as all that is in existence. With the intelligence and zero point creative energy that the cosmic tone naturally holds new frontiers are felt coming forward in the distance of time. Coming forward to repeat and instate a whole new compendium of circumstances, lessons and pathways. This is truly the completion of the tonal nature of reality.

Seal 13 – Red Skywalker

The Red Skywalker seal is an energy of awakening, exploration and space. Red Skywalkers are here to serve as the pillars between heaven and earth as personified in this seals artwork. In their enlightened mode of activity they have the potential to help gently guide and nurture others with a very strong quality of skillful compassion. Spirituality and seeing life as a divine journey is the major theme for a Red Skywalker incarnation. When fully embodied they can hold a deep connection to other realms and deliver messages multidimensionally across many places and times to help harmonize and reveal an experience of the divine in everyone.

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