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Red Moon Wavespell Report

Greetings of Universal Peace Love and Joy. Moon 2 Day 13 of Red Moon Year   Today this Kin 209 we begin a beautiful new wavespell of purification. 17th wavespell of this galactic spin Red Moon wavespell. The red moon wavespell lasts from kin 209 to kin 221 (Gregorian 9/4/2018 – 9/16/2018). Very synchronized as

White Wind Wavespell Report

Greetings of Universal Peace! Today is Moon 6 Day 19 Kin 222 (White Magnetic Wind) Yellow Crystal Seed Year/ December 31st 2017   Kin 222, the first day of the new wavespell …White Wind Wavespell.  Today is a galactic activation portal day ( meaning this is a high energy day, and the veils between realms

New Heptad Report for Moon 3 Heptad 4

Greetings of Universal Peace! Today Gregorian Date  October 11th 2017, we start a new heptad (week).  It is the 22nd day of Moon 3 This will be the start of the last heptad of moon 3 , electric moon of service. We just finished our 20 day journey down the central column of the tzolkin

Moon 3 Heptad (Week) 3 Report

Greetings of Universal Peace   Today is Moon 3 Day 15 Kin 134 White Self Existing Wizard (Gregorian Date October 4th 2017). This day we start the a new heptad (week). This is the third heptad (week) of Moon 3, The Electric Moon of Service.   During this heptad, we finish our journey down the

Moon 3 Heptad (Week) 2 – Report

Greetings of Universal Peace Today (Gregorian Date September 27th, 2017), we start the second heptad (week) of the 3rd moon of the 13 moon calendar. The kin that starts this new heptad is kin 127 Blue Planetary Hand     Our precept for this kin: Kin 127 – Precept 23. From the point of view of