Japan- Minister Farrakhan’s Vision and the sign of the great Mother’s Wheel by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

September 30th, 1997 Edition of The Final Call Newspaper

“And recite to them the story of Noah, when he said to his people: O my people, if my staying (here) and my reminding (you) by the messages of Allah is hard on you, on Allah do I rely: so decide upon your course of action and (gather) your associates then let not your course of action be dubious to you, so have it executed against me and give me no respite” Holy  Qur’an- Surah 10, verse 71


As I submitted my current article for publication following the death of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa and the ongoing saga of truth or consequences, I realized that it was on the date of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s vision, which occurred on September 17th 1985. As the last letters of the word September indicate in reerse, the word remember, I have paused to realize that this year, 1997, marks the 12th anniversary of his stunning experience (we have called “the vision”) which may take us one step beond into the experiences of the fourth dimension in which Time and Space, Motion and Energy evolve into the process of a telepathic communication in which vision and reality are one.

I am also aware that my concluding article on “Japan: Land of The Rising Sun Part IV” is now interspersed with the realiy that the sun is setting on the British Crown and the ruling British Monarchy. Throughout the next several weeks as we prepare for the World’s Day of Atonement on Oct.16th of this year, it will be observed as a celebration of life in the midst of a dying world order to give rise to the sun of a new day”….neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof gives light, thought fire touch it not- light upon light’ (The Greater Light of Almighty God Allah)

“….Allah guides to His light whom He pleases. And Allah sets forth parables for men and Allah is Knower of all things>” (Surah 24, verse 35)

I wish to continue to touch upon aspects of some of the main themes of the Conference held in Tokyo which focused on the Judgement Day Tribunal and Congress on the Law of Time. There is a connective thread between the happenings of world events, earth changes, environmental and cosmic order, which is delineating the causative factors of a universal change in civilization and culture.

According to the Divine Teachings of  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, there is 100 percent dissatisfaction on our planet and this 100% dissatisfaction will bring about a 100 percent universal change which includes the Planetary Systems and life forms as they exist in our solar system and the galaxies of stars.

The Study of the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, inspired and initiated by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles should be considered as a most significant ingredient in this Period of Universal change. Understanding the precise mathematical measurement of Time is the key to Time in the 4th dimension and the science of telepathy that takes us one step beyond in mastering the New World Civilization and what it contains.

The Great Mother of Wheels, the Mother’s Plane, contains the secret of that New World Order of Civilization and can be communicated to the chosen or the elect of God through telepathic mental or thought processes that we call tuning in.

Recently a small party of filmmakers and crew climbed to the top of a section of the Tepotzteco mountains which surrounds the Mexican village of Tepotzlan in the company of Min Farrakhan as he traced his footsteps  in re-enacting his extraordinary experience, “the vision”. He received a direct verbal communication from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Few people care to remember that during the 22 lecture series on the Theology of Time given at Mosque Maryam in 1972, he ( the Hon. Elijah Muhammad)made a reference  to Jesus’ history, to the sound of the wheel (the Mother’s Wheel), and their ability to operate using the science of thought transference through the medium of space to communicate what they desire to others. This science of communication is called telepathy. this is the science of the 4th dimension and is beyond vision and may well be called the science of time travel or Teleportation that occurred in the experience of Min. Louis Farrakhan on the wheel.

As we reached the top of the pyramid dedicated to the king of the Tepotzteco Pyramind, we noted that exactly 13 steps led to the platform of the temple and in the rubble of the building complex, there appeared fragments of the original 20 glyphs which make up the matrix of the entire calendric system of Meso-America, with a particulare preciseness that is expressed in the Mayan calendar or “Tzolkin” (sacred calendar of the long count used for time measurement) which multiplied together gives us the figure of 260 (13×20) =260.

This frequenc of a ratio of 13/20 has been identified in the studies and research of the Arguelles as being the fundamental timing frequency of the 4th dimension where Einstein left off, when he stated that time is the fourth dimension but was unable to explain the process.

To be continued

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