Welcome to the Lunar Moon of Challenge

Greetings of Universal Peace


As of Gregorian Date 8-23-2017, we start a new moon (month).We are now in the second moon of the 13 moon calendar. This moon is called the lunar moon. This correlates to the 2nd tone of the 13 tones of creation.  This tone is known as Lunar Tone(Of Challenge).

The Lunar Tone of Challenge also invoking the key words: Polarize and Stabilize. It is represented by two dots.

This moon lasts from Gregorian date August 23rd to September 19th.

Tone 2 embodies the power of Polarity – the sacred counter-balance we see in all aspects of nature: Yin/Yang, Moon/Sun, Dark/Light, Cold/Hot, Receptivity/Action. The teaching of Tone 2 is that Polarity is born of Oneness; Polarity is the movement from 1 to 2. In opening to the sacred balance of polarity, let us inquire how we might connect with opposite energies and receive new insights from a totally opposite point of view. How can we personally polarize our habits and receive essential counter-balancing to strengthen us on our path.

We ask ourselves during this 28 day cycle : What is our challenge?



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